What others are saying about Scrappy Higgins

“I enjoyed your impressions so much!  I, for one, will always remember your “Scrappy” character.  You are an inspiration to everyone. Would love to work with you in the future. Keep going! You have raised the bar, B.B.!”

Steve Moriarty
Actor on 2 Broke Girls, CBS
Studio City, California

“If anyone can tell a colorful story and make it come to life, it’s Scrappy Higgins! B.B. Hudspeth, the man behind the character of Scrappy, loves to entertain and has been a huge asset to us. Scrappy will definitely be back and the fans can’t wait!”

Cheryl Dubuque
Producer, Writer, Casting Director
Saddlehorn Productions
Burbank, California

“B.B. Hudspeth has trained our employees in 39 countries and 5 continents. He instantly connects with his audiences. His knowledge and passion resonate through his delivery, and his approach makes his message easy to understand among diverse audiences. Whether teaching a process or demonstrating a new tool, B.B. consistently shines on the training platform as he does on the performance stage and successfully meets the needs of both the trainees and the vision of the organization.”

Rusty Blevins
LSC Communications
Nashville, Tennessee

“Our team was blessed to train with B.B. Hudspeth. His charisma, wisdom, and method of teaching made everyone feel involved. He has an incredible ability to capture the attention of the trainees, and his energy creates a very pleasant and easy environment in which to learn. B.B.’s experience, confidence, and knowledge allow him to translate the information for easy comprehension and retention. His friendly personality calms the hesitation for questions. I can’t say enough of how enjoyable it was to train with B.B.!”

Bessie Konrad
Orange County Printing Company
Irvine, California

“As his original character, Scrappy, the old prospector, B.B. Hudspeth combines the best of storytelling and comedy in a way that entertains the entire audience, both young and old alike. The versatility of Scrappy is that B.B. can mold and shape him to fit the venue, tailoring him for his specific audience, thus giving each and every performance an original twist. I’ve seen B.B. as Scrappy on several occasions and never tire of the humorous antics of this yarn spinning old prospector and will always be a Scrappy Higgins fan.”

Michelle Prater
Bonanza Conventions
Westminister, South Carolina

“Thank you for your talents and efforts in keeping the great westerns alive! “Keep up the good work, B.B. & Scrappy!”

Luster Bayless
John Wayne’s Personal Costumer
Founder, United American Costume Company
Burbank, California

“We feel fortunate to have had our company’s integration training facilitated by B.B. Hudspeth, a warm, professional, and knowledgeable teacher. B.B.’s unique ability to present complex processes in a way that a diverse group can grasp is awe-inspiring and was a major factor in the success of our transition. His entertaining approach kept our attention, and his encouragement and assurance gave us much needed confidence for completing a successful go-live. His presentations were well prepared, and his patience eliminated any apprehension from asking questions. Thank you, B.B. Hudspeth, for helping make our training experience extra special!”

Ann Goff
Wentworth Printing
West Columbia, South Carolina

“B.B. Hudspeth has trained thousands of people in various settings.  He has the ability to instantly connect with everyone in his audience, and he creates a very comfortable environment for trainees to interact.  B.B. has an energetic way of keeping the conversation lively, informative, and entertaining.  He is very thorough, passionate, and sincere about his presentation and the people in his audience.”

Tim Mabry
RR Donnelley
Chicago, Illinois