Scrappy At Your Events

Are you looking for something completely different at your next employee meeting? You’ll get more than great entertainment when you book Scrappy Higgins. Scrappy will transform your frontline employees from workers to enthusiastic supporters of your vision.


They Will:

• Understand the company mission and why it is important

• Understand that every role is important, and that what they do matters

• Feel good about their role (via direct acknowledgement of the job they have done)

• Feel empowered to make a difference, regardless of their role


Scrappy Higgins resonates because he is not the legend: He is one of the unsung heroes who support the legend. Through his entertaining presentations at employee meetings, your frontline people connect with him instantly.

B.B. Hudspeth customizes each presentation to recognize the roles each individual plays, reinforce the company’s core values, and deliver a good dose of laughter and entertainment. In the process, Scrappy inspires your team to work hard and take pride in the company.

Talk Subjects

  1. The Power of the Unsung Hero: How every person is vital to the company mission
  2. Back to basics: How the lessons from the Wild West apply to customer service and teamwork today
  3. The Unsung Heroes of the Wild West – masters of customer service and teamwork

Book Scrappy for your next national, regional, or local employee meeting

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